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Gerri Quinn-Kucy

In 1989 I was a part of a small group of people doing Obedience that had heard of a new dog sport called Agility starting in Western Canada. It had originated in Britain in 1977 at Crufts as a half time show of sorts so when it finally made its way across the pond I jumped at the opportunity to try it out and was hooked immediately. After many clinics, both in Canada and the United States, hundreds of classes, and five dogs later I am still loving the sport. My dogs have achieved some of the highest titles available in Agility along with winning the AB/NWT Regional Championships & the AAC National Championships multiple times.

I currently own two Australian Cattle Dogs, Joey & Colton. Joay and I compete in a multitude of sports where he has achieved his Agility Trial Champion of Canada (ATChC) & Bronze Award of Merit titles in Agility, his Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) title with two pairs towards his OTCHX title in Obedience, his Herding Started Sheep (HSS) and Started Stock Dog (SSD) titles with 5 High in Trials (HITs) in Herding, and his Scent Hurdle Dog Excellent (SHDX) title in Scent Hurdle Racing.

Agility is a team sport that helps build confidence in your dog and strengthens the bond with you, the handler. Any pure or mixed breed can take part in Agility regardless of size as long as it is a fun positive time for both dog and handler alike. I always look forward to watching new teams blossom on the field as they learn to love this wonderful sport.

Christina Sanders

For almost 30 years now my dogs & I have competed in a multitude of sports where the bond and teamwork that we develop between each other has enabled all of my dogs to achieve some of the highest titles possible in the respective sports we have competed in. To date my dogs have loved competing in Schutzhund, Agility, Obedience, Rally-O, Flyball, and Scent Hurdle Racing.

Agility has become my main love over the years and in that I have developed an ideology that has enabled my dogs to excel at the upper echelons of competition. To date my dogs & I have won the AAC National, UKI National, and the AB/NWT Regional Championships a total of 20 times; have won the National Steeplechase Final 8 times thus far; accumulated well over 100 Top 3 individual placements between National and Regional Championships; and have been asked to represent Canada (2009, 2010, 2014 - 2019) at the 3 World Agility Championships (FCI, IFCS, WAO) where we've earned 6 medals & placed Top 3 individually 19 times so far.

Truly, my biggest achievement has been helping my students strive for and accomplish whatever goals they have set for themselves and their dogs. Be it simply getting that first gamble to being a better handler to competing at Regionals to making the World team - I strive to push my students to be the best they can be and give them the tools necessary to achieve those goals. One shoe does not necessarily fit everyone and thusly no one method of training or handling will work for every team. I've always trained outside of the box and try to teach my students to think the same way so they can find what works for them and their respective dog. There is always a solution to any problem - you just need to keep trying until you find the right one. If I can help out in a small way to make that come true then there is no greater reward.


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